About Us

jeanene_scalloMystical Gardens started as a dream in the heart of founder Jeanene Scallo 28 years ago. It is a true “family” business whereby we share so much of life’s joys and sufferings with so many of our customers over the years.

Mystical Gardens works directly with each customer in both the planning as well as the planting of each flower for we believe that the customer always comes first. And we bring a level of care to every project that ensures it will flourish in beauty and bounty.

We believe that no project is too small and that the best way to work with flowers and landscapes is to work in phases, the same way nature does. If you have been thinking about starting something new, or restoring an older garden to its former state, we can help you in realizing your vision at a pace and timing that works best for you.

We serve our premier clients across northeastern New Jersey. For more information about our services call 201-384-6359.

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